Cense is designed with you in mind. We know there’s more important things in life than money. But we also know that nine out of ten of us have no idea what we’re actually spending, and that causes personal stress, and tests our relationships.

We want to give you the confidence to reach your personal finance goals - whether you want to sample the best food in Tuscany, or purchase your first home
- Cense will get you there.

the App

Master Your Money

We have worked with financial coaches and psychologists to bring you the best techniques to change your money mindset.

Goal setting is the foundation of our app and a key part of achieving success.

With the Cense app you will set your personal goal in just a few easy steps, whether its paying off your credit card or saving for a trip.

Create your visual reminder and nominate when you want to see it to keep yourself on track. Want an update on how close you are? Track your progress easily and quickly in only a minute or two each day.

We will reward you for completing small tasks and achieving your mini goals with real offers or products.

We also know just how hard it can be to understand all the information available on money. So we'll bring you engaging articles and videos on topics you want to know about.

Master Your Mind

There is a lot to be said about positive thinking.  Science has proven the best ways to get you on track and thinking positively toward your money.

Money Mantras are your way of keeping your brain in check.  Make a mantra that has meaning to you and it will help you stick to your goal.

Do you want to curb your online shopping habits or take a break from takeout?  Nominate where you want to improve and we will help you refocus. Purposeful Pauses will use your personal motivation image and display it for 5 seconds before you continue.

When you need help feeling in control and motivated, push our 'Emotional Emergency' button. You will get instant relief, choosing from options like chatting with a Cense buddy,  laughing at the latest joke or video,  viewing personalised goal motivation images, or simply taking a one minute timeout breathing exercise.  What ever it takes to help you become mindful about your spending.

Expert Advice

Remember the last time you had a question and didn't know who to ask?

Ever found the right person but couldn't remember what you wanted to know?

With our Expert Money Coach messenger you can now ask any question, at any time, no strings attached.  

Expert Central will put you in touch with our Financial Coaches who understand that sometimes it takes more than a web search to find the answers. All our experts are qualified and accredited so you get the best advice from real people who are on your side.

Feel supported and ask them any question that comes to mind about your money journey. You'll receive an honest, open, non-judgemental answer. Their aim is the same as yours: to empower you to reach your goals.

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